Our Teachers, Healers, Mystics, Intuitives & More!
Allison Hayes 
The Rock Girl®

A High Priestess of Stones, Allison is a goddess with many specialties...she is a Reiki & Crystal Reiki GrandMaster, Intuitive Counselor, Channel,
Empowerment Coach 
Ordained Spiritual - Psychic - Interfaith Minister, Teacher... 
And SOOOOO much more! 

  "I invite you to meet our
    talented staff of Teachers, 
    Healers, Mystics &

   Robin Mansfield
   'Goddess Guidance' ,
   Spiritual Wellness Guide
   & Crystal Reiki Mystic
Karen Amato
Life Coach, Transformative 
Meditation, 'Oracle of Gaia'

Karen Ann Amato is a natural 
born intuitive and oracle, who 
has been in communication 
with the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters since she 
was a child.

Karen is a trained Energy 
Counselor, Certified Spiritual 
Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Medium and Healer. 
As a Spiritual Mentor & Oracle 
of Gaia, her readings focus on helping us see our gifts & opportunities to prosper.
Salvador Navarro
Actor, Teacher & Store Manager

Sal is our 'resident rock man'. With a vast knowledge of crystals and a love of sharing information, Sal is the man you want to talk to when you need to know "What is this Crystal?" (He's also very helpful with everything else too!)
Are You Living a
   Magickal Life?
Kristine Pilsbury
Licensed Massage Therapist LMT, BCTMD  
Cranial Sacral Practitioner
Graduate Edgar Cayce School, Virginia Beach

Tara Ely, LPC, ACS
Perspective Counseling

Tara has been a licensed practitioner in the field of counseling for over 20 years. 
Gayle Frank
Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant,
Meditation Teacher &

Gayle has many certifications to her credit, including SRT Basic & Advanced & Reiki Master.
During a bout with cancer, Gayle found SRT clearings gave her peace & happiness, which inspired her to help others clear negative blocks. Her specialty is helping her clients be free of anxiety, self-doubt, anger & fear.  
And if you want to learn how to meditate, be sure 
to drop in on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for Gayle's Beginner Meditation Class.
Gabriella Tennant
"Goddess Yoga" 
Certified Yoga Teacher

Gabriella (Gambi) is a 200hr certified yoga teacher & wellness instructor. Her yoga style is most responsive to women with juicy & abundant bellies, boobs & butts. She is an advocate of the #yogaforeverybody movement.
Gambi believes in the transformational power of unconditional love. During a period of deep & unrelenting grief, she found her once sufficient religious practices unable to bring her peace & comfort. What she didn't realize was this period of immense pain & loss was breaking open her heart for a richer & deeper love experience. Yoga, Asana,
Meditation & Breathwork were the conduit that moved her through heartbreak & into the unconditional love 
of Divine Spirit. Gambi's new awareness brought forward her purpose...to show up & do her own healing through teaching yoga & providing Divine Feminine Coaching.