Our Teachers, Healers, Mystics, Intuitives & More!
Allison Hayes
The Rock Girl®

A High Priestess of Stones, Allison is a goddess with many specialties...she is a Reiki & Crystal Reiki GrandMaster, Intuitive Counselor, Channel,
Empowerment Coach
Ordained Spiritual - Psychic - Interfaith Minister, Teacher...
And SOOOOO much more!
  "Teachers, Healers, Mystics &
   Intuitives... I invite you to meet
   our talented staff!

  Robin Mansfield
  'Goddess Guidance'
Spiritual Wellness Guide
Karen Amato
Life Coach, Transformative
Meditation, 'Oracle of Gaia'

Karen Ann Amato is a natural
born intuitive and oracle, who
has been in communication
with the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters since she
was a child.

Karen is a trained Energy
Counselor, Certified Spiritual
Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Medium and Healer.
As a Spiritual Mentor & Oracle
of Gaia, her readings focus on helping us see our gifts & opportunities to prosper.
Salvador Navarro
Actor, Teacher & Store Manager

Sal is our 'resident rock man'. With a vast knowledge of crystals and a love of sharing information, Sal is the man you want to talk to when you need to know "What is this Crystal?" (He's also very helpful with everything else too!)
Marshall Davidson
& Chico
Sunday Sales Team

Marshall has been us for five years now, and I appreciate his loyalty & dedication. He's very knowledgeable on a variety of metaphysical subjects...
but if you ask him about incense you will tap into his personal expertise!
Chico is his loyal companion and advisor.
Nitya Diane Martino
Nutrition & Herbs

Founder of Art & Soul,
Inc., Nitya is a Stress & Anxiety Solutions expert who brings together her professional studies & personal life experiences
to create a unique, custom tailored approach to Holistic Health & Wellness. As a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Nitya specializes in stress
& anxiety reduction, herbs
& super foods for longevity & pain relief regimens.
Are You Living a
  Magickal Life?
Alison DeGennaro
Palmist & Tarot Intuitive

"I've been studying meta- physical & spiritual topics
as long as I can remember.
However, Palm Reading is
my area of expertise! Using
a combination of knowledge
& intuition, I'm here to help whoever comes across my
path as best I can.  I truly
enjoy showing people the
positive traits of their "Life-
Path Map" so they can make
the most of their gifts & talents and achieve their goals."

Andre Sarkissian
Mystic & Certified
Akashic Records Practitioner

As a natural channel &
mystic, Andre connects
to the higher realms of consciousness to offer you profound & practical Tarot Readings. Andre is also a certified Akashic Records practitioner. 

Kristine Pilsbury
Licensed Massage Therapist LMT, BCTMD 
Cranial Sacral Practitioner
Graduate Edgar Cayce School, Virginia Beach

Nicole Rivera
Quantum Healing Practitioner
'Live to Thrive' Coaching

Nicole is a Spiritual Growth/Life Purpose Coach, helping her clients find transformation through
Higher Self Healing.