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"I am always exploring the metaphysical realm to offer you interesting classes, workshops & events for your self-empowerment & spiritual enlightenment."
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Robin Mansfield
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                                                       Sunday - Candle Magick!
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Class Schedule

SUN Sept 17
3:30 - 6:30
Candle Magick
w/ Robin Mansfield
A simple prayer can become a powerful manifesting tool with the knowledge of intention.
Learn how to create and bring magick into your world using candles, oils, herbs and the
corresponding energies. This is a hands-on class, all materials provided.

**(This class is the foundation for all other magick classes and is highly recommended if
     you are progressing into GateWay to Goddess: Priestess Empowerment Training.)

FRI Sept 22
7 pm
"Harvest Time"
Autumn Equinox Portal
w/ Karen Amato

Time to Harvest!
Make the BEST of the Equinox Portal Energy... 

This is a time of mystery & the magic of transformation. The Sun moves into Libra...
balance, beauty, connection & co-operation. Jupiter (Expansion) prepares for his 
journey into Scorpio (Introspection), and Pluto (Transformation) will be going direct.
That's a LOT of powerful energy coming our way. This meditation is important to help
you make sense of it all. 

If you are new to this circle, what you will experience is an evening of deep transformation
as we relax and open to the powerful energy of the equinox portal, meditate, and begin to experience information from our Universal Guides. 

Whether you 'see', 'feel', 'hear' or 'know', you will receive information for your highest
potential. Karen will also be personally attuning your energy to the new frequency as
we meditate. Everyone will also receive a personalized message from their guides.

Come...join us...and meet like-minded people for a relaxing, uplifting evening of

SUN Sept 24
1 - 5 pm
Make Your Own Faery Garden
w/ Robin Mansfield & Carol Marker
Welcome in the magick & wonder of the "Fae"...
Join us for an afternoon of pure creation and fun & create your very own faery garden!
We'll have many different materials to choose from, including mini-plants, tiny homes,
lighting & so much more. We'll also have special prayers to invite the faeries to visit
your garden & perhaps make it their home!
All materials included. $55.

                                     ROCK - TOBER!!!
                                           Class Schedule

   *********9th Anniversary Celebration*********
                             ALL MONTH LONG!
SUN Oct 1
Noon - 5 pm
Caldwell Street Fair
PSYCHIC FAIRE @ Caldwell FlowerLand
                                                                           329 Bloomfield Av, Caldwell NJ

Mediumship w/Karen Amato 
A natural born intuitive and oracle, Karen has been in communication with the Angelic
Realm & Ascended Masters since she was a child. As a trained Energy Counselor,
Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Medium & Healer, Karen's
readings are informative & practical.

Palm Readings w/Alison DeGennaro
"I've been studying meta- physical & spiritual topics as long as I can remember.
However, Palm Reading  is my area of expertise! Using a combination of knowledge
& intuition, I'm here to help whoever comes across my path as best I can.  I truly enjoy
showing people the positive traits of their "Life-Path Map" so they can make the most
of their gifts & talents and achieve their goals."

Tarot w/ Jim Kiernan
Multi-talented as a channel and a Tarot Card reader, Jim connects to your guides
and the higher realms of consciousness to give you a deep and insightful reading. 
His specialty is past-life reconnection.

Astrology w/ Alicia
Alicia is a highly intuitive astrologer offering Birth Chart Readings & Personalized
Horoscopes. She believes her purpose in this life is to be of service to others, to heal
and to inspire. She has invested much of her time, energy & love into astrology so
that her readings provide you with insight & guidance.

Tarot w/ Andre Sarkissian
As a natural channel & mystic, Andre connects to the higher realms of consciousness
to offer you profound & practical Tarot Readings. Andre is also a certified Akashic
Records practitioner. 

Norse Runes w/ Jesse Kaler
Using his very own hand-crafted Norse Runes and his mystic-shaman psychic abilities,
Jesse taps into the quantum universe to bring you a reading that is spot-on!

Special Classes Coming Up...

SAT Oct 14
1 - 3 pm
Crystal Basics - Clearing, Activating & Utilizing Your Stones
A Day w/... Salvador Navarro
Proper preparation and activating of your stones is the first and most important step in working with crystals! Learn all the techniques, what works best, all the "do's and don'ts", AND all the exciting things you can do with your stones in this simple, informative class.

SUN Oct 15
1 - 5 pm
Norse Runes Mystic
A Day w/... Jesse Kaler
Gifted in the ways of the Norse Shaman, Jesse's unique psychic abilities offer you a
rare glimpse in to the many realms of existence. Using his own hand-crafted Norse
Runes, his readings are mystical, yet practical, and spot-on!
1/2 hr sessions $80.00

SUN Oct 22
2 - 5 pm
Chakra-Sutra : Level 1
w/ Robin Mansfield
A comprehensive study of the human energy centers, the chakras - one thru nine.
We will discuss all the basics, including how to determine if they are operating
properly & what to do if they aren't. Using essential oils, herbs & crystals to remedy
the chakras will also be taught. 

***Please Note: If you are a Reiki Student (Level 1) or Practitioner (Level 2 & beyond)
     this is an invaluable course for your on-going training.

SAT Nov 11
2 - 4 pm
GateWay to Goddess: Priestess Empowerment Training
w/ Robin Mansfield
Designed for those who are ready to become their Authentic Self, this is a very unique
year-long program. You will experience the 'Ancient Ways'  and move on your true path
to Healing, Love & Empowerment. Please take note, this is a powerful, beautiful, enriching
journey deep inside the mysteries...and you will emerge transformed.

This intro will enlighten you & answer all your questions, & hopefully encourage you to
move forward.

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