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TUEDAYS - 7 pm
Beginner Meditation
w/ Gayle Frank
"Change your mind, change your life." To transform your life, you must learn to change your mind. This change can happen when you meditate. In meditation, the mind becomes clear & relaxed. With practice, you will develop clarity and a more positive outlook. Meditation can also help you relieve anxiety, stress & tension, improve your sleep patterns, and strengthen your body-mind-soul connection.

* * * NEW TIME * * *
THURSDAYS - 7:30 pm
Goddess Body Yoga
w/ Gabriella (Gambi) Tennant
Plus-Size, Queen-Size, Big Girl, Luxury Luggage…no matter how you describe
your juicy ample body, you are a goddess! You are beautiful and you are gifted!
Discover your gifts through YOGA!  Yoga provides guidance to bhakti (love),
shakti (peace), and ananda (bliss). Allow your ample curves to help you breathe
into your divine self!  Join Gabriella the Goddess Size Yogi for a yoga experience
that celebrates juiciness!
Limited Space - MUST Register in ADVANCE - Don't be left out of the fun!

Celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

SUN Oct 7th
12 - 5 pm
2nd Annual
PSYCHIC FAIRE at Caldwell FlowerLand
Caldwell Street Fair

Psychic Tarot w/ Ajnira
Holistic Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor,
Metaphysical Teacher & Psychic Advisor
Ajnira has been reading Tarot for 40 years. She is a gifted healer & reader working
with the Ascended Masters, Archangels & your personal Akashic Record Team.
Her talent is uncovering the elements of an issue at the causal level, and bringing
it to light with compassion and solutions. Through her, your Guides, Guardians & Masters offer their unique celestial perspectives, insights, resources and assistance. Ajnira always empowers you and encourages you to make your highest choice.

Channeling Your Guides w/Jim Kiernan
Working with 'The Ancients', your personal Guides & the Tarot, Jim's gift as a Channel
& Soul Coach will help you answer questions about personal situations, as well as unraveling life's mysteries & your soul's purpose.

Angel Tarot w/Russti Carlson
As an empath, Russti provides Intuitive Readings using traditional Tarot cards, Wiccan Runes & the Divine Light of Angels healing. Her open heart allows the wisdom of your Spirit Guides & hers to assist you in navigating life’s journey.

Tarot w/Donna Brodell
As an international clairvoyant, empath, healer & medium, Donna's very direct approach has been helping clients for over 30 years. She offers life guidance to help you move forward and evolve. Donna prefers to open doors and remind her clients they have the power to change and manifest things in their lives.  She will share her personal experiences to show that she understands your issues and can relate to them.

ALL SESSIONS are $35. per 15 min.

SUN Oct 7th
12:30 - 6 pm
SRT Clearing & Healing
Spiritual Response Therapy
w/ Gayle Frank

Discover & release your hidden blocks to health, happiness &
spiritual growth with SRT.

Spiritual Response Therapy clears negative energies, patterns, programs & belief
systems, allowing the body to open to a free-flowing life force so you can lead a
healthy and balanced life.

Everyday aches and pains, anxieties, high stress levels and chronic illnesses often
have energetic root causes, while many other ailments we suffer are rooted in a
past life. Those ailments, which can be physical or mental, are part of our cellular memory. They often re-manifest lifetime after lifetime. BREAK the cycle...
Open the door to positive change.

SRT can help you see improvement and gain happiness; clear past life energies, harmonize relationships, empower yourself for purpose, understand soul programs, break cycles of disharmony and release subconscious blocks.
SRT can be done in person or from a distance.

Call for Appointment 973-919-3600
1 hr. sessions are $125.

WED Oct 10
7 pm
10-10 Portal Meditation  
Meditation, Energy Attunement & Message Circle
w/ Karen Amato

"How do we come into alignment with the Divine & experience it in our body? How do we integrate the contradiction of "Shadow", or hardship
in our personal life, to evolve and experience our true destiny? Our soul's highest good, our gifts, and our purpose? What is our truth?"
Welcome to Venus Retrograde in Scorpio!

If you are new to this circle, what you will experience is an evening of deep transformation as we relax and open to the powerful energy of the 10/10 portal, meditate, and begin to experience information from our Universal Guides.  Whether you 'see', 'feel', 'hear' or 'know', you will receive information for your highest potential.  Everyone will receive a personalized message from their guides.

Come...join us...and meet like-minded people for a relaxing, uplifting evening of enlightenment!

SUN Oct 14th
12:30 - 6:30 pm
w/ Robin Mansfield - Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher

The time has come...we must all step forward to heal ourselves, those we love, and the planet that is our home.
Learn all the Reiki basics PLUS sacred healing techniques & traditions. Goddess Reiki is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki from a divine feminine wisdom perspective...learning how to create sacred space & connect with Guides, Guardians & Angels for healing & protection. Handouts, attunement & certificate included.

MON Oct 22
Goddess Empowerment Circle
w/ Robin Mansfield & Tara Ely

Awaken Your Inner Goddess! 
Celebrate the energies that surround us & experience Divine Feminine Wisdom.    
Are you ready to step into 'the Goddess Circle'?  We will open the veil to the other
side and meditate with our Goddess Guides. Be prepared to create Sacred Space and
engage in Ceremony.

SAT Oct 27
12 - 7 pm
10 Year Anniversary PARTY!
7:30 pm
Blessing Ceremony & Meditation

Coming Soon!
$$$ "What's Your Money Karma" $$$
A 4-week class with Tara Ely & Robin Mansfield

* * * NEW TIME * * *
FRI Nov 2th
7:30 pm
Crystal Bowls
Sound Healing & Chakra Balancing
w/ Brendan Clark
Crystal Bowls are an amazing healing modality. They offer deep relaxation at the cellular level, recharging you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually...That's all 
4 levels of your auric field. And each bowl is attuned to a specific chakra, so all of your chakras get a clearing and balancing as well. Best of all, you get to lie down and relax, and let Brendan take it from there! It's a deeply peaceful & restorative journey. 
Great way to start the weekend!
Please bring a mat or something to lie down on. We have blankets & pillows.
(Chairs are available if you prefer to sit.)  

SUN Nov 11
12:30 - 6:30 pm
w/ Robin Mansfield - Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher

In this class students learn in-depth Reiki II principles & techniques for healing,
the Reiki II symbols, and how to conduct a professional Reiki healing session for clients. Each student will perform a complete professional healing session. Handouts, attunement & certificate included.

Are You Living a
  Magickal Life?
Week of Oct 1...

                      SUN Oct 7 - PSYCHIC FAIRE @ Caldwell FlowerLand
                                                                                Caldwell Street Fair
                                   SUN Oct 7 - SRT Clearing & Healing

Class Schedule Updated: 10/6/18