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TUESDAYS - 7 pm 
REIKI Meditation
w/ Gayle Frank
Meditation & Reiki...Perfect together! Meditation can transform your life. When you change, everything around you changes. You begin to develop a more positive outlook. Anxiety, stress & tension begin to disappear. It can even help you to improve your sleep patterns. As an added benefit, Gayle will also give each person in the circle a mini-Reiki healing. Transform your life… relax, reduce stress, and enjoy all the benefits of Meditation & Reiki!
It’s a simple practice… the rewards are endless.

THURSDAYS - 7:30 pm
Goddess Body YOGA 
w/ Gabriella (Gambi) Tennant
Plus-Size, Queen-Size, Big Girl, Luxury Luggage…no matter how you describe 
your juicy ample body, you are a goddess! You are beautiful and you are gifted!
Discover your gifts through YOGA!  Yoga provides guidance to bhakti (love), 
shakti (peace), and ananda (bliss). Allow your ample curves to help you breathe
into your divine self!  Join Gabriella the Goddess Size Yogi for a yoga experience 
that celebrates juiciness!
$15. Limited Space - MUST Register in ADVANCE - Don't be left out of the fun!

           WELCOME 2019!!!!


TUE Jan 1
4 pm
Happy New Year!
Crystal Grid Meditation
w/ Robin Mansfield

MON Jan 21
7:30 pm
FULL MOON Goddess Empowerment Circle 
w/ Robin Mansfield & Tara Ely
Awaken Your Inner Goddess!  
Celebrate the energies that surround us & experience 
Divine Feminine Wisdom. Are you ready to step into 
'the Goddess Circle'? We will create Sacred Space & 
Meditate with our Goddess Guides. 

FRI Jan 25
7:30 pm 
"Ancient Wisdom" Meditation Circle
w/ Jim Kiernan


12:30 - 6:30 pm
w/ Robin Mansfield
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher

The time has come...we must all step forward to heal ourselves, 
those we love, and the planet that is our home.
Learn all the Reiki basics PLUS sacred healing techniques & traditions. 
Goddess Reiki is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki from a divine feminine wisdom perspective...learning how to create sacred space & connect with Guides, 
Guardians & Angels for healing & protection. Handouts, attunement & 
certificate included.
(Note: This class is a prerequisite for Crystal Reiki - March 2019)

12:30 - 6:30 pm
w/ Robin Mansfield
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher

In Level II, students will focus on learning the healing symbols associated with the traditional hand positions, including long distance healing, and practice working with Divine Universal Energy. We will also open our healing chakras, create sacred space, discuss ethical standards and how to turn your Reiki practice into a profession. Each student will perform a complete healing session. 
(Note: This class is a prerequisite for Crystal Reiki  - March 2019)

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REIKI Meditation Every Tuesday 7 pm

Every Thursday...Goddess Body YOGA 7:30 pm

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