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"I am always exploring the metaphysical realm to offer you interesting classes, workshops & events for your self-empowerment & spiritual enlightenment."
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Robin Mansfield
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                                                Sound Healing & Chant - Tues
                                                     Gateway to Goddess - Sat
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TUE Nov 7
7 pm
Sound Healing & Chant
w/ 13 Hands (Dalien)
Powerfully healing, Dalien returns to Goddess in Eden
for more of your favorite inspiring & transformative sound journeys! Playing a wide variety of instruments, Dalien's skillfull soundscapes will guide you through crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, the gong, Native American flutes, hang drum/steel pan, ambient guitar and more! GREAT for your breath, mind, body & immune/nervous & glandular systems.
(***Please bring a mat to lie down on. We have pillows & blankets.)

SAT Nov 11
2 - 4 pm
Intro -
GateWay to Goddess: Priestess Empowerment Training
w/ Robin Mansfield
Designed for those who are  ready to become their Authentic Self,
this is a unique year-long program. You will experience the 'Ancient
Ways'  and move on your true path to Healing, Love & Empowerment.  

Powerful, beautiful, and enriching, this journey will draw you deep
inside the mysteries...and  you'll emerge transformed.

Join me for this free intro. It will enlighten you & answer all your
questions, & hopefully encourage  you to move forward and learn 
'How to Live a Magickal Life!'
Blessed be!

WED Nov 29
7 pm
HIDDEN PORTALS - Meditation, Energy Attunement & Message Circle
w/ Karen Amato
Sometimes, we have to look from a different perspective  to see the possibilities...
11/29 is yet another opportunity to experience 11/11 energy...

The gateway to the 11/11 portal is still open, yet now it has evolved into a higher
vibration. Time to re-calibrate our personal energy systems to adjust to the new

If you are new to this circle, what you will experience is an evening of deep
transformation as we relax and open to the powerful energy of the 11/11 portal,
meditate, and begin to experience information from our Universal Guides.

Whether you 'see', 'feel', 'hear' or 'know', you will receive information for your
highest potential. Karen will also be attuning your energy to the new frequency
as we meditate. Everyone will also receive a personalized message from their guides.

Come...join us...and meet like-minded people for a relaxing, uplifting evening of enlightenment!

THUR Nov 30
7 pm
Crystal B Astrology RETURNS!!!
Navigating the SUPER Full Moon &
All the Exciting 2018 Highlights!!!
Special Gift...Crystal's 2018 Moon Calendar!


FRI Dec 1
7 pm
Yoga Nidra - Recharge & Rejuvenate!
A Creative Energy Experience...
w/ Nitya Martino

TUE Dec 12
7 pm
12/12 PORTAL - Meditation, Energy Attunement & Message Circle
w/ Karen Amato

THUR Dec 21
7 pm
Winter Solstice - Gateway to Goddess
w/ Robin Mansfield
Our Journey Begins!

1 - 3 pm
Crystal Basics - Clearing, Activating & Utilizing Your Stones
A Day w/... Salvador Navarro
As everyone who knows Sal is aware, he LOVES crystals! And in this class, Sal shares
his passion and his knowledge about rocks, crystals, minerals & stones!  He'll show
you how to properly prepare & activate your crystals, reveal the secrets of "programming",
how to clear & charge your rocks, and so much more! Learn special crystal techniques,
"do's and dont's", AND the many ways you can use crystals to heal and enhance your life.

Dec/ TBA
2 - 5 pm
Chakra-Sutra : Level 1
w/ Robin Mansfield
The human energy centers, or Chakras, are the connection of our physical bodies to
our etheric body. By understanding them, we can heal and enhance our physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Currently, you can find volumes of
information on the basic 7 chakras...but did you know there are over 80,000
chakras in the human body?
In this Level One class, we'll go beyond the basics and study Chakras 1 - 12.
We'll explore techniques to analyze if the chakras are functioning properly & what to
do if they aren't. You'll learn how to use oils, herbs & crystals as remedies.
Robin will also "open & initiate" each students' hand, palm & finger chakras.

******Please Note: This class is highly recommended for all modalities of
hands-on healing practitioners. Reiki Students (Level 1) and Practitioners
(Level 2 & beyond) will find this is an invaluable course for your on-going
training.  $95.

                    ***2018 ***
             Blast-Off to a GREAT New Year!

MON Jan 1
1/1 Portal of Possibilities
Meditation, Energy Attunement & Message Circle
w/ Karen Amato

Are You Living a
  Magickal Life?