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Robin Mansfield 
'Goddess Guidance' 
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THURSDAYS @ 7:30pm
Drop-In $15.

SAT Sept 14
12:30 - 5:30 pm​
SRT Healing Sessions 
w/ Gayle Frank
By Appt: Please Call 973-919-3600
​1 hr. Session: $125.

SAT Sept 14
7:30 pm​
FULL MOON Goddess Empowerment Circle
w/ Robin Mansfield

Awaken Your Inner Goddess!
Celebrate the energies that surround us & embrace Divine Feminine Wisdom.
Step into 'the Goddess Circle'... Create Sacred Space & meditate with your 
Goddess Guides!

FRI Sept 27
7 pm
The Portal Meditation Experience
w/ Karen Amato

Allow yourself to embrace your inner light. Experience an evening of deep 
transformation as we relax and open to the powerful energy of the Universal 
Guides. Whether you 'see', 'feel', 'hear' or 'know', you will receive information 
for your highest potential.  

Come...join us...and meet like-minded people for a relaxing, uplifting 
evening of enlightenment!

SAT Sept 28
2 pm
Simple Herbs for Everyday
w/ Darlene Hernandez


Fri, Sat, Sun  
Oct 4, 5 & 6
w/ Robin Mansfield 
(Must be Level 2 or higher Reiki Practitioner)

Are You Living a
   Magickal Life?
         Next Week...
           SAT Sept 14...
SRT Healing Sessions w/ Gayle
FULL MOON Goddess Circle Meditation w/ Robin

Class Schedule Updated: 8/28/19