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"I am always exploring the metaphysical realm to offer you interesting classes, workshops & events for your self-empowerment & spiritual enlightenment."
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Robin Mansfield
'Goddess Guidance'
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               This week...Amulets & Talismans, Herbal Healing & Reiki II

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May 21...           REIKI II
July 14-16...     REIKI III

Class Schedule

FRI May 19
7 pm
Amulets & Talismans
w/ Robin Mansfield
This is a fun, hands-on class where we create a piece of jewelry with ancient signs & symbols
either for protection or to help us manifest something in our lives. Learn the beauty and power
of ritual/ceremony and create your own piece of magick!

SAT May 20
1 - 3 pm
with Teas, Tinctures & Herbs
w/ 'Nitya' Diane Martino
Open 'Mother Earth's Natural Medicine Cabinet' and learn about healing with
plants & herbs with 'Nitya' Diane Martino, Certified Holistic Health & Wellness
Guide. Learn how to cleanse & strengthen your body as we explore the properties
& preparation of herbs. In this class we explore simple, natural solutions to keep in
your medicine cabinet that heal with the energy of Mother Earth. And, how to bump
up the immune system with plant gifts.

SUN May 21
NOON - 6 pm
w/ Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, Robin Mansfield
In Level II, students will focus on learning the healing symbols associated with the traditional
hand positions and practice working with Divine Universal Energy. We will also open our
healing chakras, create sacred space, discuss ethical standards and how to turn your Reiki
practice into a profession. Each student will perform a complete healing session.
A Level II attunement will follow. Level II Reiki Certificate included.

TUE May 23
7 pm
Past Life Regression & Healing Circle
w/ Nina Dixon

THUR May 25
7 pm
New Moon Crystal-Goddess Circle
w/ Robin Mansfield
The enchantment of the New Moon calls us to plant the seeds of our heart's desire!
For the first time since 2009, this NEW Moon will be a Super Moon, instead of the Full Moon.
And as the moon is super-close to earth, its powerful emotional energy has the potential to
trigger an overload of emotional activity! We will discuss how to stay calm in the midst of
emotional upheaval, and how grounding, centering and aligning ourselves can give us great strength and clear-headed thinking. We will also clear out our chakras to remove stuck
emotional 'baggage'. And as always, we'll discuss the corresponding goddesses and crystals to
help us achieve our goals!
(The actual New Moon will be at 3:44 pm EST at 4° Gemini. Check your Natal Astrology
Chart to see what house will be affected.)

Class Schedule

SUN June 4
1 - 5pm
w/ Carol Marker
When her husband crossed-over in 1996, Carol found she had a very special gift for connecting
to the Angelic Realm & those who were in Spirit. For over 18 years, Carol has been sharing this
gift of healing with those who would like to re-connect with their loved ones in Spirit, and receive intuitive spiritual advice as well. She is a source of great comfort, helping many people find inner peace, and we'll be hosting her this Sunday as a special event. For your appointment, please call 973-919-3600. Half hour sessions are $85.

SUN June 4
7 pm
w/ 13 HANDS, aka 'Dalien' 
Powerfully healing, Dalien returns to Goddess in Eden for more of your favorite inspiring
& transformative sound journeys! Playing a variety of instruments, Dalien's skillfull
soundscapes will guide you into 'nirvana' as he plays crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, the gong,
Native American flutes, hang drum/steel pan, ambient guitar & more. Sound healing will
soothe & re-energize your breath, mind, body & immune/nervous & glandular systems...
Great way to de-tox & de-stress! 
(***Please bring a mat to lie down on. We have pillows & blankets.)

BONUS: Dalien is a survivor of crohns/colitis and other severe endocrine issues.
Afterward for those interested, he is available to speak, answer some questions on how
sound, yoga, nutrition and other emotional, energy healing methods can support immune rehabilitation.
Please bring a mat. We have blankets & pillows.

TUE June 6
7 pm
The 6/6 Portal of Transformation
w/ Karen Amato
Engage the Possibility, Power and Potential of the 6/6 Energies.
Receive, Share, Heal & Experience!
Join us for an evening of transformation! As we relax and open to the powerful energy
of the 6/6 portal, we begin to experience the information from our Universal Guides.
Whether you 'see', 'feel', 'hear' or 'know', you will receive information for your highest
potential. Karen will also be personally attuning your energy to the new frequency as
we meditate. Everyone will also receive a personalized message from their guides.
Come...join us...and meet like-minded people for a relaxing, uplifting evening of

7 pm
Women's Healing & Empowerment Circle
w/ Nina Dixon
Come discover how unresolved emotions & needs that aren't met keep you from moving
forward. Release unwanted negativity you might be holding onto...
MOVE forward, powerFULLY!

Founder of 3D MetaPhysics, Nina Dixon is an Integrative Therapist & Psychic Medium
that focuses on Wellness, Fitness & Healing to bridge the gaps between Mind (psychology), Body (physiology) & Soul Soul (spirituality.) 
By Donation

THUR June 22
7 pm
New Moon Crystal-Goddess Circle
w/ Robin Mansfield
The enchantment of the New Moon calls us to plant the seeds of our heart's desire!
This is a very powerful day numerologically. The day is the Master Number 22, and the date combines to give us the Master Number 11. Learn how these numbers can affect your life,
and how best to use that energy. And as always, we'll discuss the Planetary energies and the corresponding goddesses and crystals to help us achieve our goals!
(The actual New Moon will be on Friday June 23, at 2° Cancer. Check your Natal Astrology
Chart to see what house will be affected. The main astrological influence will come from a close alignment to Mercury, the planet of ideas, communication & transportation. It's a great time to share ideas, make plans, create partnerships & start new business!)

Class Schedule

FRI, SAT & SUN July 14, 15 & 16
REIKI III: The Reiki Master Program
w/ Robin Mansfield
This is an intensive 3 day seminar designed to bring you fully into your Reiki