The Olde Religion
is the magick of the Earth herself,
and at it's very heart
lies the mysteries of
life & death...
It is the essence which binds
all things together,
and it will last
beyond the time of men...
Goddess Guidance
The sign your Moon was in at your birth describes your habits, comfort zones, the way you respond to your emotional needs, and how you express yourself emotionally.
In relationships the Moon is just as important as the Sun. These two parts of your character must be integrated for you to experience the best with others. The sign of your Moon gives definition to the unconscious habit patterns that are expressed through your personality as a respond to what is going on around you.

Consider the needs of your Sun sign and think of your Moon sign as the emotional support system you need to sustain the strength of the Sun. While your Sun sign describes how you project yourself to the world, your Moon sign describes how you retreat to rejuvenate yourself and what habit patterns of comfort you develop. Knowing the Moon sign of others will give you clues as to how to better understand and relate to their emotional needs.

These people have a bright, intense emotional character that responds to the moment. You will always know how they feel and will need to learn to deal with issues right when they come up. They prefer the "intense confrontation and then be done with it" approach to emotional encounters rather than a drawn-out solution. Their feelings can be easily hurt, and to protect themselves they usually become defensive. Allow them to vent pent-up anger and frustration. Venting is healthy. Just don't allow yourself to be a target.

Moon in Aries individuals are very inspirational and motivational. They possess a "can do" philosophy about life that will motivate you to become all that you can become. They are at their best in a very active relationship, so passive activities are usually not tolerated. They love to be surprised by spontaneous plans, however, there are times when it is best to just leave them alone and let them go at their own pace. These people change moods very quickly, so be prepared. They need to be recognized and appreciated; yet they want you to support their independence.

Moon in Taurus individuals have a down-to-earth practicality about the way they respond to life. They usually know where they stand on emotional issues and are not easily influenced. You can rely on these sturdy individuals, as they like to follow through on all commitments. Realize ahead of time that their first response to change is resistance. You cannot force these individuals to change; if they are going to make a change in their lives it will be because they have already decided it was the right thing to do. Continuity allows them to steer a steady course in life, but also makes it difficult to adapt to disruptions in their plans. Give them plenty of advance notice and don't expect spontaneous changes in plans to be appreciated. Along with wanting a comfortable life, Moon in Taurus individuals want an uncomplicated emotional life. Not at ease with the uncertainty of intrigue, they prefer to relate to those who are clear and direct.

In intimate relationships, these people need to feel secure about your love and concern for them. They know how to enjoy life, and through their heightened awareness of the senses, you can become much more appreciative of life's simple pleasures as well. Highly affectionate, these individuals are soothed through simple touch like holding hands, hugs, and massage. No need for pretense with Moon in Taurus individuals. They appreciate genuineness and naturalness above all else.

Be prepared to listen to what is going on with these individuals. They need to talk, share, and relate endless details about their lives, even to the extent of talking their way through emotional situations as a way of coming to terms with their feelings. The interaction is what they find exciting and satisfying. Keep your expectations of how they should respond or react to a minimum, and they will trust you. Your mental rapport is going to have to be very strong for bonding to occur, and you will have to understand their need for variety and change. You may feel that their many interests come before their feelings for you, but try not to read too much into their spontaneous reaction to life. It's just their nature; they don't want to miss anything. You will not get bored with these inquisitive souls, but you will certainly be tested in your flexibility because they will change plans often.

Emotional security is likely to be much more of an issue with these people than first appears. Expect to move slowly in establishing your bonds of friendship and trust. They are cautious and reserved, but that does not mean that they do not care about you. They will stand back and observe you and feel out where they can best fit into your world. Much of how they relate to the world, and to you, is through their feelings that can overwhelm them, so they pull back and again watch and wait. Encourage them to talk about their feelings, and yet know that much of what is going on for them is not easily translatable into words. Their insecurities will surprise you. They appear strong on the outside, but on the inside, they are extremely sensitive. They will protect their vulnerability until they trust your loyalty, and then express tremendous warmth and caring for you. Realize that they are likely to respond to the emotional undercurrents of any situation, not just the presentation. They are responding to how you feel, not what you say. Once accepted into their close circle, you become family and their loyalty is unfaltering.

These people can be fun, warm, and lovable. They express their emotions with heartfulness and dignity. There seems to be something royal and regal about these individuals. They are big-hearted folks, and if they are secure in the heart you will see the best of them. However, if their heart requirements are not being met, their tremendous need for attention and recognition are likely to lead to a strong competitive nature. Then they can seem self-serving and demanding. They do not want their relationships to be ordinary in any way. They feel they are special people and want their relationships to reflect this. They want the very best. Moon in Leo individuals are likely to be just as proud of you as they want you to be of them. In intimate relationships they need to be the center of attention. They do not deal well as an appendage to someone else's life. They will give just as much as they expect in love relationships, which is considerable. They do not adapt to change well so always introduce changes in plans slowly.

These people are very rational in their emotional expression, or at least try to be. They hold themselves to very exacting standards, are very thoughtful, and rarely act out of character. Moon in Virgo individuals seek appreciation for their efforts, and this is one area you can't overdo it. They need a great deal of reassurance about the role they play in your life. They want to be adding something significant to its overall quality, and seem to always work themselves into a position of being indispensable. This placement leads to a tendency to look at life through the lens of a current problem. Problem sharing and problem solving can be techniques for closeness between you and a Virgo Moon friend. They crave interaction and involvement on their work issues so don't be afraid to get involved. Conversely, don't be afraid to remind them that there is more to life than work. They are typically overcoming their excessively self-critical nature. Your feedback and support will speed along this process, as their primary emotional need is to feel appreciated. If you value sincerity and integrity more than flamboyance, this is the type for you.

There is a certain sense of style and class in these people that will motivate you to put your best foot forward. Their natural refinement is also expressed in the emotional realm and they are quite uncomfortable with unpleasantness of any sort. You can expect them to be fair, just, and diplomatic in all of their dealings with others. Moon in Libra individuals think before they act, so give them time to go through their evaluating process rather than push for immediate decisions. Do not expect them to be overly emotional and syrupy, as they are more comfortable with some distance from their feelings. This does not mean that they do not care about you. They are simply concerned about refined expression. They probably do not handle anger well so you will have to watch for the subtle signals and help them express their real feelings. They really do believe that emotional issues and differences could best be solved if people would simply deal with differences in a clear, calm, and rational way. Of course this is unrealistic, but realize that it is their ideal nonetheless and you will be better able to understand them.

Emotions for these people run strong, deep, and intense. There is a mysterious quality about their souls that keeps you feeling that more is going on with them than meets the eye. Moon in Scorpio people are excellent about getting you to reveal your secrets, but you will realize they share their innermost feelings only after trust has been established. As they begin to share their private side with you treat it as special, privileged information not to be shared with others. They are uncanny at knowing your true motivations and intentions, and are not easily fooled by presentations. They are often much more expressive in silence than they are with words. Silent looks and glances to and from these individuals can communicate volumes of information.

The paradox of these individuals lies in their craving for emotional intimacy, yet their emotional world is often guarded and protected with the barbs of past memories. Forgiveness does not come easy to these psychologically complex individuals. Never assume that time itself will heal wounds with them. It doesn't. It is best to deal directly and in the moment with emotional issues to keep the air clean. Those with Moon in Scorpio have a need for some privacy and prefer one-to-one, intimate sharing to large social functions. Trust is something that you will develop together. Your own emotional growth will be sped up through the closeness of this friendship.

These people are optimistic, outgoing, and fun loving. Decidedly positive, they want to believe in the best. They like a fast-paced life with plenty of mental stimulation. The enthusiasm of Sagittarius is infectious and it is easy to feel more positive in their presence. The excitement of anticipating future potential is one of the main types of emotional experiences they enjoy, so indulge their dreams, plans, and goals as this keeps them at their best.

Moon in Sagittarius is looking for an adventure, an opportunity to grow and expand, and if that can happen through you, you will win your companion's love. Allow a lot of room to change, as these people need a variety of forms through which to express. They are honest and sincere, so you will not have to be threatened by their need to occasionally spend time by themselves. They need to occasionally connect with their urge for freedom by following their own momentum without considering other people's expectations. Give them this freedom and you have won a warm-hearted, enthusiastic friend. Although good-natured naturally, these fiery folks can turn competitor and occasionally need a good philosophical argument just for the sport of it. Without an adventure to plan or a goal to pursue, they can feel quite hemmed in.

For these people, the theme of respect is of central importance in all of their relationships. Moon in Capricorn individuals are responsible to the nth degree. Trust them. Commitment is like a solemn bond. If they promised something, they will deliver. Of course they will expect the same accountability from you. They want your recognition for their accomplishments along with the person behind the work. You will have to respond to both of these needs. They identify with their work so much that they need to share this part of their life with their partners.

They need their relationships to take some definite form so the more clearly you can define your expectations, the more comfortable they will become. When they are in one of their broody, introspective moods it is best to leave them to their work. They want your support concerning some of the hardships and difficulties they have endured. These people respect competence; yet they need to feel useful in your life to feel secure so don't fear asking them for assistance.

They are comfortable in a providing role. They are not sentimentalists, but when they have someone in their life who sees through the mountain of strength and recognizes their sensitivity, they become very loyal and loving friends. Their appreciation for quality and their high standards of excellence are just as important to them in relationships as everywhere else in life.

These highly independent individuals are sure to keep you guessing as to how they will respond next, because they refuse to conform to convention or the expectations of others. They are friendly, outgoing, and open to sharing their ideas. Often altruistic and inclined toward larger social issues, they love to deal with abstractions. They question authority at every turn and are advocates for individual rights. Don't expect them to pamper your emotional sensitivities—they won't. It is not their expertise, nor their interest. It is not that they are hiding their emotions. It's just that they are mistrustful and completely unsure of that arena of expression.

To bring out their best in working situations give them the freedom to fulfill their responsibilities in their own way. They view life from a far removed vantage point, which gives them a unique perspective. They will provoke your thinking, as the clarity of their insights is often shocking. Keep things light, friendly, and impersonal to best get along with these people. Share your ideals and hopeful thoughts on how life could be improved. Encourage them to talk about their ideals and frankly let them know when they have walked on your feelings. Tell them how that feels to you. They really do not know unless you confront them with it. Their matter-of-fact-ness can be annoying and you will need to let them know when they are being insensitive. They have an abstract sense of humor that is a true pleasure to share. Expect a fresh original point of view when you ask their opinion.

These deep feeling individuals are most often governed by their emotions. They will react to even the slightest emotional shift in your feelings toward them so be aware that your nonverbal communication will be more loudly heard than your verbal ones. They are naturally compassionate and have a knack for drawing out your deepest, personal feelings. Move slowly with them because much of who they are is hidden, and only time will bring it to the surface. They will respond to the purest and deepest spiritual connection from you. They are understanding and caring by nature, and you can trust that any revelations that you share with them concerning your sensitivities will be handled in the gentlest of ways.

Moon in Pisces people enjoy the poetic, romantic approach. The imaginative, the magical, and the mystical hold their interest. Their emotional cycles may appear confusing to you, as they periodically need to go to a place inside themselves that words cannot convey. When you have their attention, there are none more sensitive and understanding, but there are times when they need to be alone to connect with the depths of their emotional character. Without quality alone time they become overwhelmed by the worries and concerns of others. When you establish an emotional bond with these people, the reward is a truly caring and compassionate friendship.

...Excerpted from "Astrology & Relationships", by David Pond.

Artwork created by
Ann Stokes
Your MOON sign
Artwork created by
Gaelyn Larrick
Amethyst -
A good nights sleep

Blue Calcite -
The mind & learning

Blue Lace Agate - Shyness, finding your voice

Calcite -
Memory & learning

Carnelian -
Motivation, creativity, confidence & manifesting

Citrine & Sunstone - Realigning yourself
to new schedules and
motivation to
'get going'!

Fluorite -
Studying, organzition, enhancing the immune system

Green Aventurine -
Making friends

Hematite & Black Obsidian -
Helpful for super -sensitive kids

Moonstone -
Relieves symptoms of ADD & ADHA

Rhodonite -
Confidence & accentuating your talents

Rose Quartz - Separation anxiety & calming nerves


Tiger Eye - Concentration &  retaining new knowledge
Ruler: Mercury
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Season: Summer Harvest
Direction: SouthWest
Goddesses: Isis, Auset
(Virgin Isis), Demeter,
Virgin Pele, Ceres
Tarot: the Hermit
Alchemy: Distillation
Animals: Brown Bear
Birthstone: Sardonyx, Peridot
Colors: Red, Deep Purple
Yellow Green
Day: Wednesday
Metal: Platinum
Perfume: Honeysuckle, Cypress
Plant: Sage, Violet
Flower: Narcissus
Are You Living a
  Magickal Life?
   "Back to School" 

  Crystals for Students,
   Teachers & Parents.
The Virgin & Her Goddesses... August 23 - September 22
  Feminine, Mutable, Earth Sign
“For those who don’t know the name, Pamela Colman Smith, is the artist behind the most popular tarot deck
in the western world, the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot
or RWS. This deck is generally referred to as the Rider Waite Tarot, omitting Colman Smith’s name. As an artist, she changed the face of tarot, illustrating the world’s first “mass market” deck, and hers was one of the very first to have illustrations on every card in the deck. Her work inspired my life to take this whole different direction, and if you’re reading this, it’s probably had an impact on yours too. Despite this, she died penniless and in obscurity, as so many women artists still do. However, she was a fascinating, truly original woman, and I want to celebrate her life and give thanks for her work in this article.

Pamela Colman Smith was born in 1878 in London and was the only child of a white American father and a Jamaican mother. She grew up moving between Manchester, London, Brooklyn and Kingston. Her family were arty, theatrical types and after her mother died, Colman Smith joined a theatre group, spending the next five years on stage, touring the US and abroad with them. She also worked as a set designer. For a woman in the early 1900s, that must have been an incredible life. And it had a powerful influence on her work — with its bizarre costumes and often very ‘staged’ settings, many of the RWS tarot cards have a very theatrical feel. (If you’re interested in this, Rachel Pollack has an interesting section on the ‘stage card’ in her book Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom.) Colman Smith studied to be an artist at the experimental, avant-garde Pratt Institute in Brooklyn but didn’t graduate — nonetheless she became an illustrator providing artwork for WB Yeats, Bram Stoker and more. Some pretty major stuff! She wrote and published several books (including an Illustrated collection of Jamaican folk tales, Anancy, which is still published today) and started her own magazine. She provided the artwork for posters for all kinds of events, and exhibited her work in a prestigious gallery in New York City. She was also a strong supporter of women’s suffrage and provided poster and cartoon artwork to the movement as part of the Suffrage Atelier, a group of political artists.

Aside from the tarot deck, Colman Smith’s most notable works were ‘synesthetic,’ meaning that senses are ‘blended.’ In Colman Smith’s case, she was able to ‘see music.’ Sound and music created powerful visuals in her imagination and she was able to translate these into amazing, mystical and beautiful paintings.

In 1901, Colman Smith joined the Hermetic Order
of the Golden Dawn, a British occult society. Here she
met Arthur Edward Waite, with whom she co-created
the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, and Aleister Crowley,
creator of the Thoth Tarot. The group later disbanded
and Colman Smith and Waite both ended up in a splinter organization, and meanwhile, he asked her to illustrate the tarot he had conceived. Colman Smith was largely left to her own devices in terms of the card illustrations, particularly the minors. She was the first person to illustrate the cups, pentacles, wands and swords with actual scenes of their own, (apart from one Italian deck, The Sola-Busca, created in 1491) rather than simply showing two cups, or six swords. This was a ground-breaking idea which has changed the way many people see tarot today. She also had her own pioneering ideas about how the cards should be read, which were very different from her occultist peers. She suggested a
very modern approach, echoed in today’s ‘learn tarot’
books: “Note the dress, the type of face; see if you can
trace the character in the face; note the pose…
First watch the simple forms of joy, of fear, of sorrow;
look at the position taken by the whole body…
After you have found how to tell a simple story,
put in more details … Learn from everything,
see everything, and above all feel everything!
Find eyes within, look for the door into the unknown country.”…from “Should the Art Student Think?” published in The Craftsman, July 1908.
The deck was published first by Sprague and Co,
and then by Rider and Son in 1909 costing six shillings.
It was a big deal! There weren’t any mass-market tarot decks (most tarotists used the Tarot of Marseille and that was pretty rare). This was the deck that began the popularization of tarot. And with all of this, you would think Pamela Colman Smith would be a widely-celebrated person. Shockingly, she received barely any money at all, little payment and no royalties! Waite, naturally, enjoyed fame and financial comfort. She made various attempts to make money throughout her life but none succeeded.
In 1918 she moved to Cornwall, UK, and little is known about her from this point onwards. She died penniless in 1951.

I’m writing this post as a way of saying thank you.
Pamela Colman Smith will never know how beloved
she is now in the tarot community, or how many
millions of her decks have been sold, or how her
artwork is primary to reading the tarot. The boss
of US Games, who continue to publish her deck,
says she could have been a millionaire today.
Pamela Colman Smith was awesome. She never
sold out. She was a woman of colour who forged
her own path in life at a time when few women
were. She was an amazingly original person, a
creatrix, a boundary-pusher and a mystic, and from
where I’m standing, it looks like she lived an amazing
life of adventure and passion. Without her work,
many of us wouldn’t be a tarot readers. Her art,
vision and unpaid work opened up so many doors
into tarot and was a massive part of bringing about a
revolution in tarot reading that makes it so easy to
learn and acceptable to practice today. I think her
artwork is incredible. Mystical, dramatic, colourful,
symbolic, original, beautiful, disturbing and very
powerful. The look and feel of the RWS Tarot isn’t
for everyone, but it’s always going to be one of my
very favorites, and is my ‘home deck’ — the one I
always return to when I feel lost with tarot. I am
so grateful that she lived, and that she created
these amazing cards I use every day.”

***Please Note* Robin Mansfield DID NOT WRITE
     this wonderful article, I found it on the internet,
    and I cannot give her credit because I couldn’t
   find her name!