We are all spiritual beings here for a physical experience, but we did not enter this earth plane all alone. Each of us has a team of Guides, Guardians & Angels to help us navigate our path on our journey. As a Spiritual Channel, Robin Mansfield can help you connect to your team and access the information you've been looking for. This is the journey to "whole-ness". The realization of what's been missing in your life, and the information you need to reconnect to Spirit and become "whole".

Whether you come in for a reading, a healing or a class, Robin will share with you information from the many different realms of existence that are guiding you at this very moment and how they can help you on your life's path. (It is not uncommon to receive information from Loved Ones, Masters or Teachers, your Angels, Spirit Animals, Faeries, Plant Spirits, Ascended Masters or Goddesses.) 

Tarot Card Reading... Gifted as a channel, Robin's readings offer deep insight into the questions of life.
Sessions: 30 minutes.

Goddess Guidance...These readings are a combination of information from your Guides in all of the realms. Often they include messages from your departed loved ones, animal spirit guides, past lives and most importantly, your 'god & goddess' guides. These Masters of Light usually share information that's important for your soul's progression on a daily basis.
Sessions: 1 hour.
This service is also offered as a Crystal Reiki session: 2 hours

Aura/Chakra Attunements...This is a great technique for selecting personal healing tools! By interacting with your guides and your personal energy field,
Robin can help you select the crystals, essential oils, flowers and herbs that are most beneficial for you. You may also be interested in having a Personalized Healing Spray or Annointing Oil created for you.

Mediumship...As a trance channel, Robin connects to your departed loved ones on a very personal basis. Due to the depth and complexity of this session, it is only offered as a means of healing.
Sessions: 1 hour

Crystal Reiki & Reiki Past Life Readings...Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Crystal and Reiki healing while experiencing a profound past life reading. Robin can help you access the past life information you need now to help you in the current moment of time. 
Sessions: 90 to 120 minutes.

Akashic Records Reading...The Akashic Records are an energetic archive
of our soul's journey. By connecting with the Akashic Records, you will connect with the wisdom of the soul in a loving manner. In this reading your Guides speak directly to you. This is a very deep and personal session. Usually answers regard questions about healing a situation, how best to solve a problem, or what information is necessary for your soul's progression and life path.
Sessions: 1 hour.

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  You know, life is very funny…you never really know where Spirit is going to take you! People often ask me, “How did you get from being a radio DJ to becoming a psychic/ healer, shoppe owner?”
The answer  is “Synchronicities!”

Life is like a puzzle. You begin with one piece, and with each step, Spirit gives you more choices. Along the way, you meet many people who help and guide you, and before you know it, you’re somewhere completely different than you ever thought you’d be, but it’s all completely perfect! When I look back to my first career in radio & television, I see all the things I learned that I use every day in my present work. I think of all the opportunities I had and the choices I made…the synchronistic events in my life…and it all was instrumental in guiding me to become exactly who I am. I’m not perfect, but I’m perfectly happy. However, if you had said to me 25 years ago that I would be in this field, I would have laughed very hard! I couldn’t even imagine it. But one thing led to another, and as each person I met showed me another opportunity, another choice, the path became clearer.

It all started with my first spiritual teacher, Jyoti Chrystal. She was talking about “body, mind and spirit” way back in the eighties and everyone else was clueless as to what it meant, including me!  Jyoti taught me that “in every moment there’s an opportunity to make a new choice”. Pretty simple huh? Well back then, that was pretty amazing. After working with Jyoti, my spiritual life got sidelined for a few years while I worked in the television industry. Little did I know that Spirit was “secretly” training me to be a leader and a teacher. Then one day one of my co-workers told me about a goddess circle in Brooklyn. “A what?” I said. Well, that was the beginning to my personal path into the Goddess mysteries, and I’ve been exploring, learning, speaking and teaching about Divine Feminine Wisdom ever since. Today I am a Spiritual Channel who is able to ‘travel’ into multi-dimensional realms and bring forth information and healing. Thank you Spirit!

Work Bio
Along with Jyoti, there are many amazing mentors and teachers Robin has had the good fortune to have met on her journey. In 2004, her intense interest in healing led to studying ancient healing modalities with The Modern Mystery School, and becoming an Initiate in the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light, and The Hierarchy of Light. Later in 2008, Robin began studying crystals and crystal healing with Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl(R), a practice she continues to this day. It was also at this time Robin began her Aromatherapy training and Reiki studies. In 2010, Robin attained the level of Reiki Master Teacher.

Presently, Robin continues her Aromatherapy training while searching for healthy, holistic skin care products and effective natural anti-aging methods. Robin studied the art of 'facial rejuvenation' with the creator herself, Virginia Doran, MSAc, LAc, LMT, as well as 'Hua Lu' (the application of essential oils according to Chinese healing meridians) with David Crow, L.Ac. (MedicineCrow of Floracopeia) and Essential Oil Facial Rejuvenation with holistic skin-care expert Judy Godec. Robin has also studied the work of medical esthetician, Kate Somerville (Hollywood's Esthetician to the Stars), and has completed an aromatherapy course with author and industry pioneer, Robert Tisserand.  However,
2017 is probably Robin's most transformative year yet! She  completed a 4 Day Crystal Healing Workshop with Master Daoist, Jeffrey Yuen, and began her Trance Mediumship studies with 30 year veteran, Steven Upton, from the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. In August, Robin's adventures led her to Ireland for 10 days and a Soul-Path Astrology seminar with "Kaypacha", Tom Lescher. It's been an interesting year, to say the least, and much of what Robin has learned will be shared as part of her new "GateWay to Goddess" program, starting in November.

As owner of Goddess in Eden, a metaphysical healing and learning center at 282 Bloomfield Ave. in Verona NJ, Robin offers her clients & students a wealth of interesting, informative metaphysical classes, events, psychic readings & healing sessions. Robin is available as a speaker and teacher outside of the center as well. For more information, contact Goddess in Eden at 973-919-3600.

* Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
* Certified Crystal Healer
* Certified Aromatherapist
* Tarot Card Spiritual Channel
  Robin Mansfield
  'Goddess Guidance'
  Multi-Dimensional Channel, Medium, Healer
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