Psychic Readings & Healing Sessions


Robin Mansfield

"Goddess Guidance"

Spiritual Wellness Guide

Mystic, Psychic Medium, Healer & Educator

Tarot Card Reading... 

Gifted as a channel, Robin has been combining that skill with Tarot Reading for over 14 years. Her readings offer you deep insight into your questions, and very practical problem-solving suggestions. Her goal is to empower you to make decisions based on your “highest-good.”

Sessions: ½ hour & 1 hour

Mediumship Reading...

In these sessions Robin asks to be connected with your loved ones that have crossed over so that you may ask them questions.

Session: 1 hour

Past Life Readings...

By tuning-in to your auric field and your Akashic Record, Robin can help you access the past life information you need now to help you in this current moment of time.

Session: 1 hour

Goddess Guidance...

These readings are a combination of information from your Guides in all of the realms. Often they include messages from your ancestors, loved ones, animal spirit guides, past lives and your goddess guides. These Masters of Light usually share information that's important for your soul's progression and healing.

Session: 1 hour

Akashic Records Reading...

The Akashic Records are an energetic archive of our soul's journey. By reading the Akashic Records, you will connect with the wisdom of the soul in a loving manner as your Guides speak directly to you. This is a very deep and personal session. This session is best for answering questions about healing a situation, how best to solve a problem, or what information is necessary for your soul's progression and life path.

Session: 1 hour

Crystal Reiki…

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Crystal Healing & Reiki while experiencing your choice of a profound Goddess Guidance or Past Life reading. This extended session includes Auric field cleansing, Emotional Cord Cutting , Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Reiki & channeled information from your Guides.

Session: 1 ½ hours

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