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About Us

Welcome to Goddess in Eden, a magickal, mystical, metaphysical boutique. Our goal is to enlighten, empower & enchant you! We offer a variety of classes, psychic readings, healing sessions, meditation, spiritual counseling & metaphysical tools to help you find “whole-ness” and awaken your Inner Goddess. We would love to guide you on your unique personal journey & inspire you to live your most magickal life.


Now in our 15th year of service!


We are all spiritual beings here for a physical experience. However, we did not enter this earth plane all alone. Each of us has a team of Guides, Guardians & Angels to help us navigate our path on our journey. As a Spiritual Channel, Robin connects to your team and helps you access the information you've been looking for. There are many different realms of existence that are guiding you at this very moment and Robin can tell you how they can help you on your life's path.  As a spiritual wellness guide, Robin is someone who’s “been there”. She offers you many years of experience and practical wisdom so you can make empowered decisions for your highest-good.  


Sal is our 'resident rock man'. With a vast knowledge of crystals and a love of sharing information, Sal is the man you want to talk to when you need to know "What is this crystal and how can it help me?” (He's also very helpful with everything else too!)


Armed with a vast arsenal of magickal knowledge, Mallory is a great resource for answers on "How do I work with this?"

As owner & jewelry designer of The Dark Amethyst Moon, Mallory was raised on the path of magickal ways since she was a child. Mallory often calls upon magick to spark her creativity, and you can too!

"The possibilities are endless!" 

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